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FreeZone Bible Association


Our purpose is to promote religious freedom and the Scientology Religion by spreading the Scientology Tech across the internet.

The Cof$ abusively suppresses the practice and use of Scientology Tech by FreeZone Scientologists. It misuses the copyright laws as part of its suppression of religious freedom.

They think that all freezoner's are "squirrels" who should be stamped out as heritics. By their standards, all Christians, Moslems, Mormons, and even non-Hassidic Jews would be considered to be squirrels of the Jewish Religion.

The writings of LRH form our Old Testament just as the writings of Judiasm form the Old Testament of Christianity.

We might not be good and obedient Scientologists according to the definitions of the Cof$ whom we are in protest against.

But even though the Christians are not good and obedient Jews, the rules of religious freedom allow them to have their old testament regardless of any Jewish opinion.

We ask for the same rights, namely to practice our religion as we see fit and to have access to our holy scriptures without fear of the Cof$ copyright terrorists.

We ask for others to help in our fight. Even if you do not believe in Scientology or the Scientology Tech, we hope that you do believe in religious freedom and will choose to aid us for that reason.

Thank You,

The FZ Bible Association

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